Welcome to the Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate

Introducing the Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate. A heavy duty hot roll iron handmade camp fire cooking grate, made in the mountains of Montana.

The Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate is built for rough and tough outdoor duty under any conditions. In fact one backcountry horse packer said  

"I am going to pack a Billy BOb up to my favorite spot and leave it there all winter. It will probably NEVER come out of the woods. 15 feet of snow will cover it. Use it again in the spring".


Made from 1/2 inch hot rolled iron the Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate will stand up to years of use and abuse.

The Billy Bob weighs 15.5 lbs, and can hold up to 30 lbs of cookware, food and other items. No screws or tools needed for assemble. The Billy Bob comes apart for easy transport and storage. The Billy Boob has been sold in 15 other states across the country, as well as in countries such as Israel, Australia, Canada and Japan. Our goal is to sell a Billy Bob on every continent except Antartica, we understand it is a little hard to find wood for a fire there.

Simply drive the ground stake into the ground and ENJOY.

My parts are:

1 ground stake 3/4" thick 40 inches long.

2 hook arms 1/2" thick 30 inches long.

1 frying pan grate 12" by 12" 30 inches long.

1 remote 3/8 x 30" long.

"Pots and Pans are not included"

After receivig your Billy Bob you can paint it with the quality and color of paint you desire. A good flat black barbeque heat resistant paint is the best. The paint will burn off however. It works the best just left alone. If it begins to show a little surface rust just sand it off.

Happy camping.
"The Billy Bob Team"

Great For All Outdoorsman

A 96 year young trapper exclaimed "Where have you been all my life????"

"I got one last year at the Farmer's market. It's awesome! Takes a little time to get used to letting the grates down, but a little practice and you won't spill your coffee or put your steak in the coals." - Sean Hire, Missoula, MT


Billy Bob In Use


Our Product

We currently offer a standardized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate at the low price of $110. We can customize Campfire Cooking Grates with longer armatures, larger grates, smaller grates, and metal stands as desired. Please contact us for a quote for your customized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate!


Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate A Must Have Cast Iron Cooking Accessory

A heavy duty hot roll iron handmade camp fire cooking grate, made in the mountains of Montana. Made to move up, down and 360 degrees any direction around the ground stake. Each Billy Bob comes with a hand held iron tool (called the remote) to move the arms or grate where ever they may be needed so you will never have to touch hot pieces of the grate and are even able to move your food off the fire for easy stirring, serving, and turning. Every Billy Bob is built from rugged materials that will last a life time. Plan on handing it down thru the generations.


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Billy Bob acts as a Serving Platform when you are done cooking!