Cast Iron Cooking Recipes Important Tips to Remember

Always preheat your cast-iron pan or Dutch Oven before adding the food you want to cook.

The first most common mistake of why people do not like cast iron is that they say everything sticks. If food sticks to your cast-iron pan, your pan is NOT seasoned right and you need to re-season it. Cast iron is a natural non-stick surface and if your pan is seasoned correctly it WILL NOT stick!

Seasoning Your Cookware

Seasoning should typically be performed only once to cast iron dutch ovens. Seasoning creates a non-stick coating to the surface of the pot, and helps to prevent rusting. This process can be performed over a gas barbecue, your household oven or in a fireplace.

With a new Dutch Oven I recommend heating the Oven and scrubbing the inside to remove any wax, debris, or oils from the manufacturer. Some Dutch Ovens come "pre-seasoned" so please refer to the manufacturer recommendations when dealing with a pre-seasoned dutch oven.

After the pot is pre-heated and cleaned, oil or shortening should be added to the pot. Typically this is accomplished by wiping the interior of the Dutch Oven coating all interior surfaces with the shortening or oil. Then the oil or shortening should be baked onto the Dutch oven. It is recommended to perform this two or three times to get a solid coating that will prevent food from sticking. The seasoning procedure should only be repeated when the coating is damaged or when rust appears on the pot.

Following the pot's seasoning, foods that are high in sugar (i.e. cobbler) or acid (i.e. beans) should not be cooked in the pot, during the first few cooking sessions.



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