Frequently Asked Questions Campfire Cooking Grate

1. Will the Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate rust?
Yes it will rust over time. Just sand it off. It will also get smokey also. Neither of these are problems. It is a tough cooking piece. It would take 75 years for it to rust to a breaking point.

2. Can the Billy Bob Cooking Grate be seasoned?
Yes you can. Coat with a shortening type cooking oil in a oven. Set temp. 250 degrees for 10 hours. The more you do this the better the seasoning.

3. How do I insert into the ground?
Use a big rock or use a hammer to beat the ground stick into the ground. The top of the 3/4inch ground stick will "mushroom" out after striking about 500 times. Just grind off the top. Make round again.

4. What if I lose a piece of the Billy Bob?
Just call or Email Jerry Moss and another piece can be ordered.

5. What if I want a bigger grate?
Just call or Email Jerry Moss and a larger (or Smaller) grate can be ordered.

6. How do I prepare the grate for cooking?
Brush off any smoke, grease, dirt, rust or other materials. Pre-heat to disinfect. Or simply use the grate as a frying pan holder.

7. What if the ground is to hard to drive the ground stick into?
Take the ground stick down to your local welder and have them weld a flat plate on the bottom. OR weld the ground stick to the side of your fire box. Customized Billy Bob's can be orderd by contacting Jerry Moss. Pricing may vary.

8. Can I get a longer (taller) ground stick?
Yes this is only the start. Anything can be pre made. Call me and larger grates, longer arms and bigger grates are available. Pricing may vary.

9. Can I paint the Billy Bob?
Yes you can. Use a high heat food grade paint.

10. Is the Billy Bob Warranteed?
The Billy Bob can be returned in original packing for a full refund, but the Billy Bob does not carry a warrantee. The Billy Bob's robust design and materials give us every confidence that it will not break or bend under normal use, and will last a lifetime. The Billy Bob's heavy duty construction is it's own warrantee.

Our Product

We currently offer a standardized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate at the low price of $110. We can customize Campfire Cooking Grates with longer armatures, larger grates, smaller grates, and metal stands as desired. Please contact us for a quote for your customized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate!


Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate A Must Have Cast Iron Cooking Accessory

A heavy duty hot roll iron handmade camp fire cooking grate, made in the mountains of Montana. Made to move up, down and 360 degrees any direction around the ground stake. Each Billy Bob comes with a hand held iron tool (called the remote) to move the arms or grate where ever they may be needed so you will never have to touch hot pieces of the grate and are even able to move your food off the fire for easy stirring, serving, and turning. Every Billy Bob is built from rugged materials that will last a life time. Plan on handing it down thru the generations.


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Billy Bob acts as a Serving Platform when you are done cooking!