About Us Jerry Moss

Jerry Moss is a self made man, an entrepreneur and businessman as well as an avid outdoorsman from Big Sky Country. The Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate is one of several businesses Jerry has undertaken to enable him to live and remain in the Big Sky Country, the beautiful state of Montana.

The Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate is now present and being used and abused in far away locations such as Israel, Japan and Australia. Off the top of Jerry's head, the Billy Bob has been sold to and in the states of: MT, WA, GA, PA, MA, FL, MS, TX, CA, AZ, CO, HI, KY, TN, OR, NY, ID, MO, MD, and OH.

A customized (and larger) Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate is being used now at the Dunrovin Ranch in Missoula, MT to cook daily for guests of the ranch.

A Message from Jerry:

Being an outdoors person and having lived in a lot of places, Montana is in my soul. Close to my kids, grandkid and the mountains I love. I supplement my income by selling Montana handmade items, photography, books, etc.

Although I started out selling on Ebay, and now via the Web, I have a history of being self employed and can supply very good references both professionally and personally.

I have a thermal coating business that shuts down in the winter. I am simply a hard working Montanan, trying to stay in Montana!

Jerry Moss


Our Product

We currently offer a standardized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate at the low price of $110. We can customize Campfire Cooking Grates with longer armatures, larger grates, smaller grates, and metal stands as desired. Please contact us for a quote for your customized Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate!


Billy Bob Campfire Cooking Grate A Must Have Cast Iron Cooking Accessory

A heavy duty hot roll iron handmade camp fire cooking grate, made in the mountains of Montana. Made to move up, down and 360 degrees any direction around the ground stake. Each Billy Bob comes with a hand held iron tool (called the remote) to move the arms or grate where ever they may be needed so you will never have to touch hot pieces of the grate and are even able to move your food off the fire for easy stirring, serving, and turning. Every Billy Bob is built from rugged materials that will last a life time. Plan on handing it down thru the generations.


Buy Now via Paypal $110.00 + S&H


Billy Bob acts as a Serving Platform when you are done cooking!